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Specialists not Generalists

Similar to the individuals we recruit, we specialize rather than generalize. Our expertise runs deep, honed over two decades of immersion in deep-tech. By collaborating closely with key figures and organizations shaping Ireland's prominence in this field, we've cultivated unparalleled knowledge and insight.

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Global Candidate Network

At the forefront of the technology sector, we partner with companies and innovations that are actively shaping the future. This demands our proactive approach to sourcing individuals with the required skills and experience. Through our extensive global network of international specialists and robust ties within the Irish diaspora, we consistently pinpoint the ideal candidates for each role.

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Local Market Expertise

Throughout the years, the individuals we've positioned and the positions we've fulfilled have directly influenced the current state of the industry. We possess an intimate and instinctive understanding of the challenges and opportunities confronting stakeholders at the forefront of technological innovation.

Recruitment Specialists for Emerging Technologies

Emtech distinguishes itself through the excellence of our services and our proficiency in navigating emerging technologies.

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Solution Seekers

Emtech specializes in deep-tech recruitment. Our tailored, comprehensive services link ambitious candidates with meaningful and innovative opportunities. We are pioneers, facilitators and solution-seekers, approaching each new assignment as a distinct puzzle waiting to be solved.

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Emerging Technologies

Emtech operates at the leading-edge of technology, empowering the innovators who are making significant contributions to the advancement of the Irish tech sector. We understand the unique needs of trailblazers who push boundaries and lead the way in pioneering new frontiers.

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