Emtech specializes in deep-tech recruitment, operating at the forefront of technology. Our tailor-made, comprehensive services connect forward-thinking companies with the talent needed to realize their ambitions. With our profound industry insights and market expertise, we have directly influenced the sector by strategically placing individuals in roles where they can thrive. Our unwavering focus is akin to an inch-wide, mile-deep approach, emphasizing our dedication to precision.

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Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

As innovators, facilitators, and solution providers, we view each new challenge as an opportunity to excel. Leveraging our in-depth understanding of the local market and our extensive global network, we ensure a perfect fit between pioneering technologists and supportive organizations.

We strongly believe that a thriving technology sector benefits everyone, and we take pride in our role in shaping a better future.

Brand Pillars

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The rocket signifies the initiation and progress of startups, emerging cryptocurrencies, and new business establishments, representing the concept of growth and the potential of innovative ideas.


We are deeply captivated by emerging technology and the evolving skill sets that accompany it. It's a privilege to collaborate with individuals who, like us, are passionate about something greater than themselves. They aspire to shape a brighter future and pursue innovations that enhance everyday life.

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We believe that people do their best work when empowered to work with integrity and purpose. This is why we prioritize matching the right individuals with the right roles, rather than merely filling vacancies. Our track record of high retention rates speaks volumes, reflecting our commitment to delivering optimal outcomes for all our clients on a daily basis.

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We are driven by a deep passion for people and are committed to enhancing their lives. Whether it involves placing individuals in roles that foster career growth or assisting companies in creating products and services that benefit us all, our core mission is to connect ambitious individuals with meaningful and innovative work.

Our Journey

Over the years, Emer demonstrated her expertise by successfully recruiting and placing key personnel, including Chief Engineers and Heads of Engineering, across diverse industries. Her reach extended into sectors like Space, Automotive, IoT, RF, Medical Devices, and Semiconductors. This journey reflected her adaptability and proficiency in identifying top-tier talent for cutting-edge technological advancements.

Emer’s innate attraction lies in innovative and disruptive technologies that hold the promise of positively influencing people’s lives. Her satisfaction stems from collaborative efforts with individuals, aiding them in uncovering a gratifying career journey. Witnessing wasted potential is contrary to her principles, and she is driven by a passion to harness and maximize individual capabilities.

In a landscape where the recruitment industry has become progressively automated, Emer believes that enduring recruiters are those who embrace a consultative approach. She recognizes that the pivotal competencies contributing to a recruiter’s sustained success encompass empathy, authenticity, curiosity, and intuition. These qualities serve as the bedrock for establishing meaningful connections and understanding the unique needs and aspirations of both candidates and employers. Emer thrives in a professional ethos that values the human element in the recruitment process, leveraging her skills to guide individuals toward fulfilling and impactful career paths.

Embracing her innate curiosity about people and cultures, Emer pursued a Master’s in Sociology at UCD.  Following the completion of her studies, she embarked on a solo journey to China. There, she not only  taught English at a Wuhan University but also traversed the diverse landscapes of the country to  immerse herself in various cultural experiences. This expedition, undertaken in 1997, occurred in a time  devoid of mobile phones, internet connectivity, and Google Maps, making it a challenging venture.  Despite the obstacles, Emer discovered her passion for connecting with individuals, delving into the  motivations that drive them. This fascination transcended cultural boundaries, revealing a universal  thread of human nature. Upon her return, in the year 2000, Emer initiated her professional path in the  realm of Tech Recruitment. 

Initially, Emer ventured into the realm of Telecoms Software and Networking Recruitment. However, by  2010, her professional trajectory took a significant turn as she shifted her focus to recruiting Machine  Learning and Computer Vision Engineers. This transition aimed at assembling talent for the  advancement of Automated and Assisted Driving applications. In this capacity, Emer immersed herself in  the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies such as ADAS, LIDAR, RADAR, CNN, and DNN,  navigating a period when Artificial Intelligence was still in its infancy.

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