Ireland's investment in space exploration is a strategic boost for aerospace jobs and innovation. The National Space Strategy for Enterprise 2019-2025 positions Ireland as a key player in the global space sector, emphasizing its role in advancing technology and economic growth through the aerospace industry. Irish companies are at the forefront of pioneering space technologies, underscoring the nation's significant contribution to space exploration and the expansion of aerospace jobs. This commitment ensures Ireland's place not just among the stars, but as a leader in the space innovation arena.

Innovative Uses of Satellite Systems

Irish companies are at the forefront of exploring creative applications of satellite systems. A notable example is the connectivity of isolated forests to communication systems, showcasing Ireland’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space technology for practical purposes. These endeavors not only demonstrate technological ingenuity but also contribute to environmental monitoring and sustainable practices.

Growth in the Space Sector

In recent years, Ireland has experienced significant growth in the space sector, with both established companies and new entrants contributing to this momentum. Currently, 87 Irish companies collaborate with ESA to develop cutting-edge technologies for both institutional and commercial space markets. Furthermore, these companies leverage space products to innovate downstream applications and technologies with broader, non-space applications.


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