• Christmas tree and fireplace

    Take a Break this Christmas

    Take a Break this Christmas Most people will be finishing up work today to begin the Christmas holidays. While many of us are looking forward to the time off, it can also be very difficult to switch off from work over this period. To avoid annoying your family and friends over the Christmas by continually talking […]

  • Walle - yellow robot from Pixar movie

    Science Week – Our Future Workforce

    Science Week – Our Future Workforce Last week all across the country in schools, communities, workplaces and on our TV’s we celebrated Science Week. Science Week is about engaging people of all ages to get involved in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). It is also fitting that Science Week falls just before Christmas, […]

  • A laptop on a desk

    Video Interviews

    Video Interviews Video interviews have become an important part of the recruitment process. They are specifically used in early stage interviews if the interviewee lives far away or in another country. They are an excellent opportunity for both parties to get familiar with one another without the formality of the traditional interview processes. Here are […]

  • two arms shaking hands in a professional interview setting

    What should I put on my CV?

    What should I put on my CV? On average a hiring manager will only spend six seconds scanning through your CV before deciding whether you are suitable or not. This may seem harsh but when hundreds of CV’s are placed on your desk and you can only chose the top 10 this is necessary. Therefore, making […]

  • Ducklings swimming

    Finding a Job as a Graduate

    Finding a Job as a Graduate September is always a good month to start fresh. Summer is over we are feeling relaxed, motivated and thinking about the future. This applies especially to recent college graduates. You may have taken the Summer off to unwind and de-stress and now you are ready to start job hunting. […]

  • Girl sitting infront of a laptop smiling and looking happy

    How to Retain Employees – A Happy Workplace

    How to Retain Employees – A Happy Workplace Anyone that is trying to recruit strong talent for their organisation will tell you that it is easier said than done, especially in a country where unemployment is at an all time low. Of course, this is a good thing but it makes it more difficult to […]

  • Female engineers inspecting electronic machine

    International Women in Engineering Day

    International Women in Engineering Day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professions are notoriously dominated by men. The gender disparity in this sector is frequently commented on, with just 12% of professional engineers being women. To encourage more young girls and women to get involved in the sector, today we celebrate International Women in Engineering […]

  • Work Colleagues laughing and having a good time

    What Benefits will Attract Talent to your Organisation?

    What Benefits will Attract Talent to your Organisation? Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain talent to join their organisation. The Irish employment market is flooded with vacancies and we are seeing people staying in jobs for shorter periods. All of this movement means that the competition between companies to scoop […]

  • Image of two hands holding matching jigsaw puzzles into the sunset, signifying future plans.

    Alternative Education Routes

    Alternative Education Routes To have a successful career you don’t necessarily have to take the most linear path to get there. In the past few decades the recommended educational route for young Irish students was through the third level stream either by attending a university or an institute of technology. In more recent years businesses […]

  • Rural Landscape With Pastures In Ireland

    Working in Ireland

    Working in Ireland  Ireland is currently ranked as the fastest growing economy in Europe and was recently named on the OCED (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) as having the most productive workforce across the globe. The Irish jobs market has never looked better with unemployment at an all–time low. However, we currently find ourselves with a severe skills shortage. […]

  • Open laptop sitting on a desk with "It's Time for a New Job" written on the screen. The background is a blurred city landscape.

    Preparing for a Career Change

    Preparing for a Career Change  With January coming to a close and 2019 fully underway there has never been a better time to begin your job search. Whether you are planning a career change immediately or you are hoping to do so later in the year, it is never too early to set the wheels in motion. People tend […]

  • Picture of young professional women travelling on the train asleep with laptop open on the table

    Tired of your Commute?

    Tired of your Commute? The life of the Irish commuter has been a hot topic of conversation across Irish media platforms lately. National broadcasters have extensively examined Irish commuter hell, while the countries newspapers have been reporting on the hike in annual parking fees at train stations and the lack of carriages on Irish commuter routes, which […]