Take a Break this Christmas

Christmas tree and fireplace

Take a Break this Christmas

Most people will be finishing up work today to begin the Christmas holidays. While many of us are looking forward to the time off, it can also be very difficult to switch off from work over this period. To avoid annoying your family and friends over the Christmas by continually talking about work and taking out your laptop, it is important to remember why taking a break from work is so important.

Refreshed & Productive – Taking some well needed time away from your desk over the Christmas break will mean that you can start 2020 refreshed and ready to get stuck in. This time off will allow you to think more clearly and creatively. You will come back to work with better ideas to help increase your performance for the oncoming year.

Rekindling Relationships – Most of us have so many things going on all the time that we hardly have time to cook our own dinner let alone see friends and family. Taking time over the Christmas break to catch up with loved ones will not only make you happier but it will also help ease the guilt of not seeing them so often.

Mental Well-being  Resting your mind and not having to be always “on” will improve your mental health. Constantly being ready to jump into action when needed is not good for our minds or stress levels. Relaxing will help you gain a better perspective on what’s important for the year to come while also reducing anxiety about upcoming work commitments.

Work/Life Balance – During the year you may forget that you have a life outside of work, the Christmas break is a great time to remind yourself of that. Spend some time doing the things you love whether that’s cooking, reading or simply watching a movie. Allowing yourself time to do these things will help you develop a routine for the New Year. A good work/life balance should become a priority for you when you realise you aren’t just a work-bot.

Remember to enjoy yourself this Christmas break, the work isn’t going anywhere and you will have plenty of time in the 90 days that January always feels like to get it done.

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